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Your donations helped us acheive our goal! Together, we were able to open our Foster Family Closet! We are able to hang clothing, arrange shoes on shelves by size, have an area for toys, books sorted by age on a bookshelf, bins for different sizes of diapers & so much more!

By sponsoring The Village Foster Family Closet, you are providing local foster children:

- a place to shop community donations for FREE & the power to choose their favorite items.

- a positive first experience to bond with a new foster family.

- a place to connect with other children in care.

- a chance for volunteers to gather and unite in supporting them.

- a sense of community, visibility, support and worth.


When we come together to support the whole family, the ripple affect is huge. We know how important this work is and with your donations we can help many more families. Please join us as a Monthly Sponsor by clicking the button below. Thank you!

$20 Sponsors a Bright Side Bag with 5 items

         (donated items will then be added)

$40 Provides a box of Diapers & Wipes for an infant

$50 Gives a Target gift card to a teenager


Click here to choose your donation

The Village accepts donations of new and like-new children's clothing in all sizes from newborn to teen, new personal care products including shampoo, soap, diapers & wipes, and comfort items such as blankets and new toys. 

Our most needed items

-new socks & underwear (all sizes)

-backpacks, tote bags & duffle bags

-shampoo, body wash, deodorant

-new toys that will fit in a backpack

-school supplies

-wallets or small purses

-diapers & wipes

Check out our Amazon Wishlist to see our most recently requested items. Donations will be mailed directly to The Village! 

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